Soil reports are often required prior to beginning construction of a structure. This is usually the case if questionable soils (loose sands or swelling clays) may be present, or if footings will be supported by fill soil. The soil report provides site preparation recommendations as well as data needed by the Structural Engineer for foundation design.
Geotechnical Soil Reports
During the construction phase, soil compaction testing with a Nuclear Density Gauge (shown to the left) ensures that the building pad material will provide a firm base for the structure.

Concrete testing, and in some cases post-tension slab inspections, verify that the foundation has been properly constructed. We can also perform field testing of grout and mortar.
Soil Compaction & Concrete Testing
Percolation tests and soil evaluations are used to determine the type and size of septic system required.

Our firm is able to design a suitable, cost-effective conventional or alternative septic system for virtually any situation.
Percolation Tests, Septic Designs

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Alternative Septic Designs
Geotechnical & Septic Design Services