Percolation Tests & Septic Designs

Percolation (Perc) tests and/or soil evaluations are performed either to provide a letter to a prospective property owner regarding the suitability of a site, or to collect data to be used to prepare a septic system design.

Test pits will need to be excavated with a backhoe to a depth of 12 feet to examine the soil. Based on the soil types and expected flow rates, the size and best layout of the system can be determined. Brazos Geotech will then prepare all of the forms and drawings that the government agency will need to issue the septic permit. It is often the case that no site construction can take place until the permit is issued.

Some sites are too rocky or have other conditions that will not allow a conventional septic system to be installed according to current rules. We can design a suitable alternative septic system for these situations.

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