About Us

Brazos Geotech, Inc. was founded in Tucson, Arizona in 2003 by Gerald (Gerry) Tripp, a licensed Geological Engineer. Initial service offerings were soil investigations and septic system designs. When in 2007, soil compaction testing services were added, Gabriel Velasco was employed to focus on that area of the business, which was later expanded to include other construction materials testing services. More recently, we have added a soil and concrete testing laboratory staffed by a dedicated technician.

The firm has been in continuous operation for the past 12 years with an ever-growing client base. Although our workload has increased, we have remained small so that we can continue to be responsive and flexible. Our combination of reasonable fees and flexible teamwork approach has helped us to obtain many repeat customers, with an emphasis on residential projects.
While our fees are reasonable, we also understand that service is critical. We are generally able to answer our phones during off hours or will respond quickly. If something comes up that requires our services on a Saturday for example, we will do our best to keep your project moving forward.

During the inspection phase, we will work with you as team members to meet your project requirements. If issues arise,we will not simply fail an inspection without a discussion of probable causes and remedies.

Brazos Geotech, Inc.

Geotechnical & Septic Design Services