Alternative Septic Designs

If a site cannot qualfiy conventional for installation of a conventional septic system because too much rock or clay is present, or nitrogen reduction is required, we will offer to design a cost-effective alternative system. An aerobic treatment system with subsurface drip irrigation is the most versatile, even if a foot or less of good soil is present.

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The unit shown to left is a Norweco Singulair 960 aerobic treatment septic tank. With subsurface drip irrigation and disinfection, re-use of waste-water for plant irrigation may be achieved. Please see the link below for more information.
Norweco System
A relatively large subsurface drip irrigation field that we designed for a site in Santa Cruz County is shown to the left. The field can dispose of up to approximately 1,000 gallons of waste-water per day in clay soil.
If soil conditions are suitable, an Eljen Engineered Pad system (shown to the left) is a good option that is one of the simplest alternative septic systems, with no moving parts.
Eljen System
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