Brazos Geotech, Inc.

Our goal is to capture clients' repeat business by providing the best value.

Please consider our firm for residential or commercial geotechnical soil reports, soil compaction testing, concrete testing, as well as septic system designs. While our primary area of operation is Southern Arizona, we do pursue projects statewide, as well as in southwestern New Mexico.

If you are constructing a custom home, our ability to bundle services may be attractive. For example, for a home with a post-tension slab, we can offer a soil report, septic system percolation test and design, soil compaction testing, and concrete/post tension slab inspections. Advantages to the client are cost savings and a reduction in the number of providers to deal with.
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Over the last 12 years we have completed many geotechnical and septic design projects in Pima, Cochise, Santa Cruz, and Yuma Counties. Projects have also been completed in several other counties including Gila, Graham, Mohave, Maricopa and La Paz.

County and State reviewers and inspectors know our work, while we are familiar with the varying requirements and expectations of each county. For difficult sites we have learned that involving regulators early in the process helps to avoid problems later.

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